Master Your Emotions

Create the Life of your Dreams 
by Raising Your Emotional Intelligence.

Enjoy this 3-part audio series on EMOTIONS to Learn A New Mindset that will Create PEACE, LOVE, & HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE.

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What You Will Learn

You will learn that Emotions are OK! In fact, they are your guide and act as your Human GPS system. The more you understand your emotions and listen to them, the clearer you can hear your own intuition. We can learn to thank them, bless them and accept them for the beautiful gift they are. Once we Embrace, Honor and Care for our emotional health we will experience the harmony and balance we all dream of.

Create Emotional Freedom

Understand why Raising Our Awareness to Acknowledge, Identify, Feel and Manage our emotions will SET US FREE from guilt, shame, disconnection, addiction, anxiety and regret.

Manifest Your Dreams

Learn how a Husband & Wife Created the Life & 27 year long Relationship and Family of their DREAMS. The knowledge they share will help you understand how to Tap Into Your Own Intuition, SO YOU TOO can Manifest the relationships you desire most.

Find Your Authentic Power

Learn how to find your Authentic Power as you BECOME CONSCIOUS of your emotions. Understand why RESPONDING rather than REACTING is the most powerful key to a Harmonious, Nonviolent, Loving Lifestyle.

"Instead of PREVENTING emotions, we are working towards MASTERING coping skills for when everyone SHOWS their emotions."

~ Tina Louise Balodi, Feeling Your Way Through Parenting™

Audio #1

The Importance of Emotions

  • What is The Importance Of Emotions (and why learning this will change your life forever)
  • Why we have to choose to learn about this as it's not taught to us in school, at work, etc.
  • Introduction to Prana Boost CPR™
  • Understand that it's our responsibility to create homes and families that are focused on giving kids/humans a voice and a safe environment to experience their emotions.

Audio #2

The Importance of Managing Emotions

  • How to Manage Emotions within all of your relationships
  • Learn Why It's important to Manage Our Emotions in healthy, nonviolent ways and how to respond to other people's emotions.
  • Understand why no one should ever be punished for having emotions.
  • Know that we must care for our Emotional and Mental Health on a daily basis just as we shower and brush our teeth.
  • Learn some techniques to use 'In The Heat of the Moment' to help align your emotions.

Audio #3

The Importance of Reconnecting After An Emotional Breakdown

  • Understand the benefits to our physical health from improving your Mental Health 
  • Learn why Emotions Are Contagious
  • Introduction to The Namaste Method of Reconnection™
  • Ways to Reconnect and come back together with our loved ones without blame, shame, guilt, and fear.
  • Learn how Emotions Delay Your Manifestations.
  • Hear Methods to "clean up" the energy in your home/environment AFTER an emotional breakdown.
  • Hear why we are not advocates of the word "Sorry."

"We will show you how to focus so much on your OWN Growth, Change and Evolution that everyone around YOU will wonder what magic SECRET DID YOU LEARN. 

We will show you what it looks like to have a HAPPY, HEALTHY, WEALTHY, HARMONIOUS, PEACEFUL family, marriage, work environment and/or relationship. We help you understand that HONORING ALL OF YOUR EMOTIONS is the key to a peaceful lifestlye.

Each and every emotion has a purpose and is part of your journey.”

~ Tina Louise Balodi & Alan Balodi

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